Secure File Pro

SecureFilePro – The Client Portal for DVA Taxes

As part of our ongoing effort to safeguard your data and facilitate a secure exchange of documents, we use SecureFilePro.  This system allows you to upload your supporting documents to us and allows us to send your completed tax return to you for review, signature and submission to us.

We have set up SecureFilePro accounts for all existing clients. If you haven’t used your account, or if you’ve forgotten how to get in, click the link below and click “Forgot Username / Password.”  If your email address has changed, or if you would prefer to use a different email address for tax-related communications, please call us at 703-407-5454 so that we can update our records. You can access your account by using the link below and following the instructions to upload or download documents.

With SecureFilePro, you will be able to upload your tax documents to your secure folder, and we will upload tax documents for your review or action.  We will receive a notification as soon as you upload a document to SecureFilePro.  Likewise, when we upload documents into SecureFilePro for you, you will receive a notification.

Login here to access your account:

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